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God’s Child

One of the websites that has helped me very much is They send out a free daily email with a quote, usually of a Puritan. Each quote is an excellent little gem of truth and well worth signing up for. I have collected a large number of these emails and thought I would promote them by posting one each week. Again sign up today at

“I will be a Father unto you, and you shall be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.” 2 Corinthians 6:18

Tried Christian, you are not an orphan! You have a Father! God, in all the glory of His nature and perfections, is your Father! He has adopted you for his own. He has regenerated you by his Spirit. He has called you out of the world, and has promised to do a father’s part unto you. He says, “I will be a Father unto you!”

Do you need advice? Consult your Father.

Do you need supplies? Ask them of your Father.

Are you tormented with cares? Cast them on your Father.

Are you alarmed at foes? Cry unto your Father.

Do your difficulties appear insurmountable? Appeal to your Father.

We should . . .
exercise confidence in His love;
trust in His Word;
appeal to His paternal heart;
look for our supplies from His hand.

He loves to see His children . . .
confide in His care,
rely on His word,
expect His communications,
and acquiesce in His will.

whatever trials may befall you,
whatever troubles may come upon you,
whatever enemies may rise up against you,
whatever changes may take place in your circumstances,
one thing can never befall you–you can never be fatherless; therefore you can never be friendless. You are God’s child, however poor your circumstances, or trying your path.

What an unspeakable mercy!

James Smith, “Our Father and Comforter”

Creation, How The Rest Of The Bible Stems From It

So far we have looked at the questions of how and why God made the world as well as a look at why this doctrine is important. In that last post we considered briefly that if we couldn’t trust the bible about the beginning, how then could we trust it in the middle and the end? I concluded that we couldn’t really. It either had to all be inspired, or not all. We also looked at how a huge number of important doctrines found their origin in Genesis. I am going to elaborate on tRoots of the Biblehose two points here.

First, at the risk of sounding a bit like a broken record, (anyone younger than 25 [including me;] ask your parents) I would like to remind you that the word Genesis means, ‘origins’ or ‘beginnings.’ To put it according to my Dictionary App, it is ‘the origin or mode of formation of something‘. And this is the name given to the first book of the bible and frankly the name is an excellent description.

Let me state my terms. By claiming the bible inspired by God, (2 Tim 3:16) we are concluding and believing that it is also accurate (inerrant) and authoritative. The central question to my first point is: Why does the whole of the bible need to be inspired? Surely as long as the Jesus bit is accurate, what does it matter? IT MATTERS. It matters firstly because of all those key doctrines mentioned before, their origin and authority is in question and doubt if Genesis is not inspired. It matters also because destroying Genesis’s inspiration destroys the New Testament’s inspiration also. I cited it earlier but 2 Timothy 3:16 says All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness. Now the phase ‘all scriptures’ can stretched to refer to the New Testament, but remember, when Paul wrote this letter, there was no New Testament, most of it may have been written by this point, but it was by no means compiled. Therefore when Paul talks about ‘all scriptures’ he very specifically means the Tanak, or the Old Testament text. And to make it even more certain, the Jews took the Torah, (i.e. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy) to be even more and especially authoritative.

Loosing LettersAll this to say, if Genesis isn’t accurate, doesn’t describe the creation of the world the way it actually happened, isn’t inspired; Then Paul is wrong and we have no reason to trust the New Testament. BUT Paul isn’t wrong, neither is Genesis. It accurately portrays the creation of the world, and origin of the universe, exactly as God did it, with as much detail as He has chosen to share with us. A popular view today is called ‘red letter Christianity’. This view say that the red letters, that is, those pieces of text that are Jesus’ words, are more important and inspired than the rest of the bible. That view is in error, the whole of the bible is inspired, equally and fully.

In short, by removing Genesis, you cut out your own roots, shoot yourself in the foot and basically sow the seeds for the destruction of your faith. This may not happen to you, but your children, seeing you disbelieve the bible and its authority, reject it, to the destruction of their faith.

Now lets think back to my list from the last post

-Doctrine of sin: Genesis 3:6
-Doctrine of the curse: Genesis 3:17-19
-Doctrine of Salvation: Genesis 3:15
-Doctrine of Divine Judgement: Genesis 6:5-7 et al
-Doctrine of Substitutionary Atonement by blood: Genesis 3:21; Genesis 4:3-5
-Doctrine of Sovereignty & God’s Power: Genesis 1; Genesis 2
-The order of the universe, of days, months, years etc.: Genesis 1
-The order of creation – man being higher than animals: Genesis 1, 2

Add to this a few more that I’ve thought of

– The ordinance of marriage as being between 1 man and 1 woman Genesis 2:24
– Why do we wear clothes? Genesis 3:7, Genesis 3:21
– Why do men have to work? Genesis 3:17
– Why does childbirth and rearing such a painful thing to a mother? Also, why are women usually the more oppressed gender, and why does feminism exist Genesis 3:16
– Why do people get sick, suffer, get old and die? Genesis 2:17, Genesis 3:19
– God makes the rules Genesis 2:16-17
– God’s sovereign right and ability to judge all the earth Genesis 6:5-7
– God’s sovereign right to show grace to anyone He chooses Genesis 6:8

and probably quiet a few more.

To nail home my point, I will conclude by giving a written up gospel presentation, written as if I was presenting a monologue to you. But whenever I mention a doctrine or gospel concept, instead of citing the verse, I will cite that verse in Genesis that pertains to that doctrine.

Genesis 1The gospel message begins like this: Although you were created (Genesis 1:1) in the image of God (Genesis 1:26), you have rebelled against Him(Genesis 3:6), broken His law.(Genesis 2:17) For example, you probably lied, which would make you a liar; taken something which isn’t yours and without permission, which is theft, or looked at someone with lust, thus committing adultery(Genesis 2:24). When God judges you by His own righteous standard, you will be guilty, your conscience affirms it(Genesis 3:8), and have no place to hide(Genesis 3:10) from Him to whom you have to give account(Genesis 3:11). The punishment for sin is death(Genesis 2:17), the eternal death, hell. But the same God who is perfectly just(Genesis 6:5,7), is also rich in mercy(Genesis 22,23), not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. He offers grace(Genesis 6:8) by provided a way for you to be forgiven of your sins, By being bashed, bruised(Genesis 3:15) and killed on the cross, Jesus Christ atoned for all of your sins, and by rising from the dead, He defeated death, crushing Satan under His feat(Genesis 3:15). Only by the shed blood(Genesis 3:21; Genesis 4:3-5) of Jesus could this be accomplished. In response to this kindness and to receive Jesus Christ and the forgiveness He offers, you must repent of your sins, and put your faith in Jesus Christ.

See what I mean?

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The Human Heart

One of the websites that has helped me very much is They send out a free daily email with a quote, usually of a Puritan. Each quote is an excellent little gem of truth and well worth signing up for. I have collected a large number of these emails and thought I would promote them by posting one each week. Again sign up today at


The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked! Who really knows how bad it is?” Jeremiah 17:9
The human heart is full of hostility against God.

The human heart is the very nursery of sin.

The human heart is the storehouse where all the weapons of unrighteousness lie.

The human heart is a lesser Hell.

“For from within, out of a person’s heart–come  evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder,  adultery, greed, wickedness, deceit, lustful  desires, envy, slander, pride, and foolishness.
All these vile things come from within; they  are what defile you.” Mark 7:21-23

Thomas Watson

Creation, Why This Doctrine Is Important

We have already looked at how God made the world, as well as why He did so, but now, let us turn our attention to a question that is often raised when Creationism and its implications are discussed. I have the privilege of lecturing a group of biology students on this subject each year and the question is often raised. The question is usually phrased like this:

“I understand what you saying, but why can’t we (if the asker is a believer) focus on the core issues like Jesus dying on the cross, or (if they are not a believer) surely I can believe in evolution and that God exist, that he made the place then let evolution happen?”

Basically, they see no particular importance to the doctrine of God creating the world. But I would like to content that this doctrine, while not a central salvific doctrine, is nevertheless very much a key cornerstone of the Christian faith.

  1. Roots of the FaithIf the bible is inaccurate in the beginning, we have no real reason to trust the rest of it. This may sound a bit extreme but the fact is, it is the reality. Lets look at an example: the day. Now many people would claim that the wordday (Hb: yom) in Genesis isn’t in fact a 24 hour day, but rather a long period of time, but as I already showed in my how post, this is not possible, shown both from Hebrew grammar rules, and authorial intent, as well as common sense which says that if God had meant millions of years He would have said so.Here is the rub, the bible makes a time frame claim about other events. Jesus was in the tomb 3 million years days. Jonah in the belly of the fish for 3 days and 3 nights, or was it 3 unknowable periods of time. Or did the Israelite wonder the desert for 40 billion years? No they did not, it was 40 years. This is my point, nobody when reading the bible assumes that the word day means anything other that what it clearly means. Except Genesis 1 for some reason.We believe that God inspired the writing of the bible (2 Peter 1:21; 2 Tim 3:16), and that His inspiration covers the whole bible. The whole of it is therefore inspired, infallible, inerrant and sufficient. Is it possible that the bible is accurate in every respect except… about how it begins?And this is my point: If the bible is untrustworthy in the beginning, how then can it be trustworthy in the middle or end. How do we know that the atonement, Christ’s life and sacrifice, and everything else the bible talks about (but especially salvation) is accurate and true? If Genesis is inaccurate, then you have completely undermined the roots of the rest of the bible. I assert that the bible is accurate in the middle and end. It is also accurate in the beginning from the first verse.
  2. Doctrines of ScriptureThe atonement and other central doctrines stem straight from creation. Lets work through this backwards. Why is Christ returning? To rule and reign, and to judge all those not saved by Him on the cross. Why did He need to die on the cross? Because people sinned. Why do people sin? Genesis 3. The book of Genesis is the foundations of every major doctrine found throughout the bible. Some examples:
    -Doctrine of sin: Genesis 3:6
    -Doctrine of the curse: Genesis 3:17-19
    -Doctrine of Salvation: Genesis 3:15
    -Doctrine of Divine Judgement: Genesis 6:5-7 et al
    -Doctrine of Substitutionary Atonement by blood: Genesis 3:21; Genesis 4:3-5
    -Doctrine of Sovereignty & God’s Power: Genesis 1; Genesis 2
    -The order of the universe, of days, months, years etc.: Genesis 1
    -The order of creation – man being higher than animals: Genesis 1:27I think my point is clear, especially in terms of sin, and judgement which originate here. We wouldn’t have half the understand sin and its consequences if we didn’t see what happened when sin began. And we would miss out of the first great promise of salvation, the Messiah to come who would crush Satan’s head. (Gen 3:15)
  3. Trust in GodIt is a matter of trust. My last point is this, in these modern times with so many alternate theories to how the world came into existence, we have an opportunity to trust God. He understands the pressures on us to believe what the popular culture believes, but He says to us, in His word, how He did it. That He spoke the world into existence, how He created, ordered and placed the stars, how He created the plants, animals and finally people. He would know, He was there. He gives us an eye witness account as it were. We can choose to trust Him, that He knows what He is talking about, or we can trust the scientists, most of whom hate God and wish to get rid of Him entirely. We can trust the bible, or we can trust man. I trust the scriptures.

So in conclusion, you have the option either of undermining and destroying the roots of your faith, or else to trust God. He made the world; He tells us how He did it. Its for us to believe His word.

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This is Clint’s Easter Sunday sermon, I post it in its entirety for your enjoyment. Lord willing we will be back on regular Luke next week

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