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Relationship With A Sovereign Giving God 02

Text: Deuteronomy Ch 02-03 Part 02

Sermon by Andrew Zekveld

The South African Expositor’s Podcast

Spiritual Conjunctivitis 03

Text: Luke 11:33-36 Part 03

Sermon by Clint Archer

The South African Expositor’s Podcast

New Series – Creation

Hi friends

I plan on writing a 5 part series on the doctrine of Creation. I have come up with the following headings:

Creation, How God Made The World

Creation, Why God Made The World

Creation, Why This Doctrine Is Important

Creation, How The Rest Of The Bible Stems From It

Creation And The End Times

I hope you will enjoy this series. I plan to post them each Wednesday. However I thought I would offer this opportunity for you to ask any questions regarding this subject that I can including in the series.

You can ask by posting a comment or by using a new feature on this site. If you look in the header, second item from the right, there is an option called ‘Ask A Question’, click there and ask your question.

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Long Distance Theology Today

Hi friends and readers of this website.

Today I have the honour and privilege to be guest posting today at Café Seminoid. I address the what is covered in the subtitle of this website, Orthodoxy and Orthopraxis.

Let me encourage you to skoot over and read the article here.

Cafe Seminoid is one of the websites featured in my Recommended Links page

When asked how the author of EvTh managed to write a guest post on a website like, he was heard to reply “I guess I know just the author” 🙂

Happy reading

Preparations For Witnessing 02

Text: Acts 1: 8-14 Part 02

Sermon by Tim Cantrell

The South African Expositor’s Podcast

Two Lessons Learned From Running A Crèche

This weekend I had the distinct pleasure of participating with another church in their family camp, in the role of baby sitter. Myself and 3 friends took the reigns of a number of kids while the teaching sessions were on and kept them amused and safe. It was a particular joy for us to do this, and I learned two particular lessons which I’d like to share.

Group Shot with Children

First, there is the lesson that being a Godly father, raising a Godly family, as part of being in a Godly Marriage is a very desirable, joyful thing. I speak here as a bachelor, that the joy of parenthood, particularly fatherhood is a very good good and desirably thing, something to be perused. The bible presents both singleness and marriage as perfectly acceptable states of being, however there are a few points to be noted. First that marriage (which is designed and created by God in Genesis 1 & 2) is considered normal, the default way of being, and that when Paul talks about singleness (in 1 Corinthians 7 for example) he uses language that described singleness as the exceptional, especially called for ministry state of being.

But one of the blessings of however of being marriage is children. And children really are a blessing. As a bachelor, I have had but a foretaste of this, especially this last weekend. Something for me to pursue earnestly.

Group Playing Simon SaysThe second lesson learned however is that even small children are sinners. I’m sure every parent knows that look, when the kid has received an instruction, and the kid goes through the following thoughts:
1. “I’ve been told to do something;”
2. “I don’t want to;”
3. “I’m not going to;”
4. “There may be consequences;”
5. “I don’t care, I don’t want to;
6. I’m not going to;”

All of that sums up a single expression that the kid flashes when given an instruction. I’ve seen it before, I saw it a lot this weekend. I’m sure parents see it everyday. Surely when the bible talks how all have sinned in Romans 3:23 he wasn’t exaggerating.

Children are also sinners, needing the gospel. Yet we love them unconditionally anyway. This is another picture of the gospel

Relationship With A Sovereign Giving God 01

Text: Deuteronomy Ch 02-03  Part 01

Sermon by Andrew Zekveld

The South African Expositor’s Podcast

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