Five steps in correct Biblical interpretation

CB064047When studying the bible, it is very important to correctly interpret the bible correctly. This is very important so as to avoid bad or false teaching and to know exactly what God is telling us in the bible. The process is called hermeneutics. Basically there are 5 steps in the process of hermeneutics. Approach each text you ready with the following:

  1. What did the text say to the original audience Examine their context: Who and to whom; What was the reason for writing; From where to where; When did he write it; What is going on. Also figures of speech and repeated words, or therefores If we have a different understanding of a verse than the original audience, we are always wrong
  2. Measure the width of that gap between them and us Is their culture different; different language; persecution; Covenant
  3. Drawing out the principle eg. You shall not murder becomes, “life is sacred, don’t do anything to end it”. Try and state it in a pithy sentence.
  4. Does the NT change our Understanding of the Text.
    Mainly because of different covenants.
  5. Applying it to our lives. 
    To apply the text directly, the situation must resemble that of the text

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