About The South African Expositor’s Podcast

The South African Expositor’s Podcast is a short radio podcast done each week day for the purpose of showcasing the preaching of the men and their churches who preach expository sermon, that is preach through the bible, verse by verse, chapter by chapter and book by book, out of the text. (For a more in depth look at what exactly expository preaching is, please read this).

The podcast is still in its infancy and my microphone is still on order, nevertheless things are coming together. I have two preachers on the roster, you can learn about them here, and hope to add more soon.

If you would like to nominate any particular preacher to feature on the podcast, please email me at gareth@evangelismtheology.com

To qualify, they must be:

1. a Christian (should go without saying really)

2. Must be qualified to do the work of the ministry (1 Timothy 3; Titus 1)

2. Preaches primarily expository sermons.

3. Must affirm the authority of the bible and preaches the biblical gospel

4. Must preach within a South African church of any denomination (does not need to be born in South Africa)

5. Must regularly post sermons on a website where they are available for download for free

6. Be willing to be on the podcast, I don’t want to do this behind anyone’s back or without their knowledge.